Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Drawers

The best option if you like your cabinet color but currently have an outdated style.  Similar to cabinet refacing, the existing cabinets stay in place but the old cabinet doors and drawers are replaced.  Revelare Kitchens will color match* the new cabinet doors and drawers to your existing cabinet boxes and then add soft-closed hinges and glides.  In addition, Revelare Kitchens will provide new cabinet hardware to complete the look.  This is the most affordable kitchen upgrade option with uninterrupted use of your kitchen during installation.

*Due to variances in wood grains, finish (sheen), texture, etc. the color matching process will result in as close to a match as possible, therefore a 100% match can not be guaranteed.

Replacing the kitchen cabinet doors creates a new style to the already existing kitchen cabinets. Revelare Kitchens has a wide selection of various 1-piece or 5-piece kitchen cabinet doors in maple, cherry, or highly durable and easy to clean composites. Unlike kitchen refacing, your cabinet boxes will remain untouched.  Browse the cabinet door gallery here.

New Kitchen Cabinet Doors

New Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

A perfect pairing with your new cabinet doors.  Revelare Kitchens has an assortment of new kitchen cabinet hardware from cabinet door knobs and pulls to soft close hinges.  All come in various finishes to either stand out or stay subtle.  Styles range from high contemporary to more traditional.  No matter what, there will be something that compliments the color pallet you want to accomplish in your kitchen.

New Kitchen Cabinet Drawers

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