Granite Countertops

All Natural

One of the most sought after countertop types to compliment a set of beautiful kitchen cabinets.  The biggest draw to granite for most homeowners is the uniqueness.  No two granite slabs are exactly alike.  If you want a countertop that not only looks amazing but know that no one else has the same one, then granite is for you.  Mined from various parts of the world, Revelare Kitchens selects examples that will blend perfectly with our kitchen cabinet solutions.  See more examples below. 

African Rainbow.jpg

African Rainbow

Alaska White.jpeg

Alaska White

Amarello Ornamental.jpg

Amarello Ornamental

Andino White.jpg

Andino White

Azul Platino.jpg

Azul Platino

Bianco Antico.jpg

Bianco Antico

Blanco Tulum

Black Galaxy.jpg

Black Galaxy

Black Pearl

Blanco Taupe.jpg

Blanco Taupe

Blue Pearl.jpg

Blue Pearl

Brown Antique



Caravelas Gold.jpg

Caravelas Gold

Colonial White.jpg

Colonial White

Desert Brown

Emerald Pearl

Ferro Gold.jpeg

Ferro Gold


Giallo Ornamental.jpg

Giallo Ornamental

Gray Mist

Hidden Treasure.jpeg

Hidden Treasure

Premium Black.jpg

Premium Black

Santa Cecilia.jpg

Santa Cecillia

Silvestre Gray.png

Silvestre Gray





Steel Gray.jpeg

Steel Gray

Taj Mahal.jpg

Taj Mahal (Quartzite)

Tan Brown.jpg

Tan Brown

Titanium Black.jpg

Titanium Black

Uba Tuba.jpg

Uba Tuba

Virginia Mist.jpg

Virginia Mist

Volga Blue.jpeg

Volga Blue

White Ice.jpg

White Ice

White Mist.jpg

White Mist

White Ornamental

White Sand.jpeg

White Sand

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