• NEW Cabinet Doors

  • NEW Drawer Fronts

  • NEW Soft Closing Hinges

Paint your existing cabinets with Revelare and we'll install new doors, drawer fronts, and modern soft closing hinges. We'll also measure your cabinets to ensure a perfect fit of the new doors. If you would prefer to paint your cabinets yourself, that's fine too. And since your existing cabinet boxes are reused, you're sure to save a tremendous amount of money over replacement cabinets.  

Painted Cabinets:

Type of Meeting Preferred

We'll Bring the Showroom

to You! (In-Person or Online)


Evaluation of Needs

A Revelare Kitchens Designer will inspect and measure your kitchen and work with you to design the kitchen of your dreams. 


Expert Advice

Our Certified Kitchen Designers are well trained on all the latest color, style, and functional trends in the industry. Revelare Kitchens strives to "Unveil the Potential" in every kitchen. 


Detailed Design Plan

With Revelare Kitchens, the showroom comes to you! To ensure you get the most detailed design plan possible, please have your questions and ideas ready.


Pricing Options

With countless options when it comes to cabinetry and countertops, our designers can work up different remodeling options. We're confident that we have an option for every home and every budget. 

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